Where is Heaven?

I can't find it.

I looked everywhere.

I looked all over town.

I even bought a map.

Can you show me where Heaven is?

Maybe it's in outer space somewhere?

Perhaps it's orbiting some distant star?

Maybe we can just skip the whole do good deeds thing and just hop a flight to Heaven.

Maybe one day we will find out which star hell is orbiting.

If we do we can rescue people.

For a fee of course.

I think I'll start selling "Hell Insurance". Pay your monthly premium and I'll get you out of Hell.

Offer available to us residents only. Some Terms and conditions may apply. Offer not valid in all states. Isn't that why you go to church and pay tithe every month? Some restrictions may apply. Not guaranteed to work. Blah Blah Blah... NO REFUNDS!

So where is heaven?

Either it's inside of space or it's somehow outside of space.

If it's outside of space how is that logically possible?

Is space a confined area like a box?

With Heaven and Hell being outside of the box?

Is the edge of the universe perhaps made out of Cardboard?

Could we cut our way through and gain early entry into Heaven?

Now I don't think that anyone is suggesting that Heaven is located within space.

However if it's not located within space how is it logically possible.

How is it logically possible for it to exist outside of space?

Continued in PART II A new world

Notes from the Editor
My usage of heaven within this post is interchangeable with other forms of afterlife beliefs. I didn't want to use afterlife because some people could conceivable argue that perhaps the dead become ghosts and wander around invisible. I felt that Heaven simply made for a cleaner argument. In other words it's used to make a point not to promote any specific doctrines or dogmas.